21 August 2023

Congratulations to the Feltham College class of 2023. They celebrated a dazzling set of exam results last week with 66% of grades awarded at A*-B (national average is 52.7%) and 86% of grades awarded at grade C or above (national average is 75.4%). 

Level 3 vocational results were also wonderful with the average grade awarded being equal to a Distinction! 

Of particular mention are the Chemistry and English Literature results where 50% of all students achieved an A* or an A grade, Mathematics where 56% of students achieved an A* or A grade and Further Mathematics where 100% of students achieved an A* or A grade. 

This cohort of students have shown immense resilience in the face of disruption, not being able to sit their GCSE examinations back in 2021, and missed time in school due to Covid. 

As ever, Feltham College students and staff have risen to the challenge, rallying together, working hard and ensuring the very best next steps for all of our students. 

Headteacher Beck Owen said, "We are so proud of every single one of our students. They have been ambassadors for the rest of the school and will continue to leave their mark on Reach Academy, Feltham College, and the wider community as they now embark on the next steps of their journey into adulthood. We can't wait for them to return as the newest members of our Alumni network and tell us about all of the amazing things they are achieving in their lives of choice and opportunity."




Students are off to study at a wide range of impressive destinations, including:

University                                                           Course

Anglia Ruskin University                                     Psychology

Durham University                                              Economics

Durham University                                              Law

Exeter University                                                History

University of Greenwich                                     Computer Science

King’s College London                                       Biomedical Engineering

King’s College London                                       Psychology

King’s College London                                       Nursing with Registration as an Adult Nurse

University of Kent                                              Psychology

Kingston University                                           Children's Nursing

Kingston University                                           Business Management and Entrepreneurship with a Professional Placement Year

University of Manchester                                  Adult Nursing

University of Manchester                                 English Literature

Queen Mary University of London                   Business

Reading University                                           Primary Education

Reading University                                          Computer Science

Reading University                                          Business Management

Roehampton University                                   Law

Roehampton University                                   Primary Education

Royal Holloway University of London             Criminology

Royal Holloway University of London             Law with Foundation

Royal Holloway University of London             Psychology

Royal Holloway University of London             Psychology

Royal Holloway University of London             English Literature

University of Southampton                             Psychology and Criminology

University of Southampton                             Politics, Philosophy and Economics

University of Southampton                             TV and Digital Media

University of Southampton                             History and Politics

University of Southampton                             Music

University of Southampton                             Physics

University of Southampton                             Physics with Astronomy,

University of Southampton                             English Literature

University of Southampton                             Psychology

University of Surrey                                       Nursing with Registration as and Adult Nurse

University of Surrey                                       Computer Science

St Mary's University                                       Foundation Business Management

University of York                                           Chemistry, Atmosphere and Environment

University College London                            History

                        Degree apprenticeship - Auditor at KPMG

                              Metropolitan Police Constable


Congratulations everyone!